EXACT Technology


Accelerated High-rise Construction

Save up to two weeks on your initial crane erection. Save one to four days on every floor. EXACT’s high-rise technology brings you significant time and cost savings.

Stop Bleeding Money

EXACT is a technology company that creates data driven solutions for construction. Constructors of all types and sizes use our hardware and software to build their projects faster, safer and more sustainably.

Save Over 20% on Cement and Admixtures

Monitor the early strength of the concrete online and in real-time, it is easy to calibrate your concrete mix and reduce the bill on expensive items.

Logger on site

Stay On The Safe Side

While we help you strip sooner, we also make sure that your crew is safe doing so. We measure the pressure of the concrete at multiple points across the formwork to ensure that it can be removed without risk.

The Most Accurate Breaks In The Market

What if the test cylinders in the lab could be in a box that matches the temperature of the concrete in the field in real time? 

Get accurate breaks and strip 20%+ sooner or keep to your current schedule and save 20%+ on cement and admixtures. Place your test cylinders in our EXACT Match box and they’ll cure at the same time and temperature as your concrete in the plant. Whether the cylinders are in the plant or at your lab across the property, we’ll match the temperature to within +-2°C/+-3.5°F.


You're in Good Company

Ensuring real time concrete monitoring for leading companies around the world.