Case Studies

CNIB Tower (Edmonton, Alberta)

Project  CNIB Tower (Edmonton, Alberta)

Client  EllisDon

EXACT Technology Corporation  monitored the concrete temperature in several locations of this raft slab pour to help the project team proactively meet the mass concrete requirements for maximum temperature and allowable differentials.

June 3, 2021

We’ve helped the team accelerate schedule and are now 18 storeys up, looking out to the rest of the city! By using our technology and understanding the concrete mix, projects can get real time strength data to help perform critical activities such as stripping and cycling their formwork which accelerates the project as a whole.

Case Studies

CIBC Square at 81 Bay St, Toronto


  • Temperature monitoring for mass concrete elements
  • Maturity monitoring of the core to alert the project team when the strength of the concrete is nearing the 16MPa that is required for jacking the self climbing formwork system to the next level
  • Formwork pressure monitoring to ensure that the self consolidating concrete (SCC) is not exerting loads higher than what the system was designed for

Check out this awesome timelapse that Urban Toronto just posted of the construction to date! 

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Time lapse view of CIBC SQUARE rising, images by Forum contributor sikandar